Gelar: Joint Degree
SKS : 110
Joint Degree: Fontys University and Saxion University



The Joint Degree Program enables student to get two prestigious degrees from ISTTS and the partner university from Netherlands, Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Graduates form the Joint Degree may pursue a career at international companies at the Netherlands.




Having completed the first 6 (six) semesters of the study at iSTTS, student is offered a Joint Degree options to finish his/her study for 2 (two) last semester at :


1. Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, for

- Teknik Elektro: Sarjana Teknik and Bachelor of Electronic Engineering

- Teknik Informatika: Sarjana Komputer and Bachelor of Information and Communication  Technology

- Sistem Informasi Bisnis: Sarjana Sistem Informasi and Bachelor of Business Information System


2. Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Deventer the Netherlands, for

- Teknik Industri: Sarjana Teknik and Bachelor Business Engineering

- Desain Komunikasi Visual: Sarjana Desain and Bachelor Art and Technology

- Desain  Produk: Sarjana Desain dan Bachelor of Art and Technology




Fontys University of Applied Sciences and Sciences

The name ‘Fontys’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Fons’ which means ‘source’. Fontys Aspires to be a dynamic source of knowledge, development, innovation and inspiration. It is a well-known name in education, not only in the Netherlands, but also in many other parts of the world. Fontys is the second largest institute for higher education in the Netherlands.


Saxion University of Applied Sciences

One of the largest institutions of higher education in the Netherlands, with over 24,000 students (and still growing!). Saxion University has a rich history – its roots can be traced back to the 1875. A merger of two educational institutions, the Hogeschool Enschede and  Hogeschool Ijselland, in 1998 paved the way for Saxion University in its present form. This merger enabled Saxion to build further on its strong position in Dutch higher educational and since education and since then Saxion University has come to be rocognised as an important center of expertise at regional, national and international level.




Entry requirements include a GPA of 3.0 during the first three years at iSTTS and TOEFL score of 550 (or IELTS score of band 6.0)



Living cost per year is approximately EUR 7.000



During the one-year at Fontys or Saxion, student must undertake an industry internship for one semester. They may get some allowance of EUR 300 – 400 per month. There are also scholarships available for top students.